Team Chain Reaction Cycles Mavic’s set up secrets

Behind every great rider is a trusty steed. It’s why every year we see some serious bike upgrades, and this year’s Enduro World Series hasn’t disappointed. Riders have rigged up their bikes with the latest kit for total performance in tough riding conditions.

And Nigel Page from Team Chain Reaction Cycles Mavic knows only too well the gravity and necessity of a prime setup.

His Nukeproof Mega 290 bike, new to 2019, uses an SRAM XX1 Eagle 12 speed chainset for the ultimate power up when hill riding. SRAM’s engineering delivers ultra-smooth performance, while significantly reducing noise and friction. “It’s flawless,” says Nigel. “It gets you up all the hills, I don’t know how we got away with it before it came out.”


The lightweight Mavic XA Pro grant maximum horsepower while maintaining confidence and control in nailing new lines. And for team CRC wheel size differs for each rider. Stronger riders with a bigger build will opt for 29”, while the more nimble and balanced team mates choose the 27.5s for easily whipping round tight corners.

“Kelan [Grant] prefers the 29ers because he’s a big guy. He’s quite heavy and strong for an Enduro rider, so it just suits his style. Sam [Hill] is so balanced on his bike he makes up more of his time up racing in the corners, which is where 27s are faster through tight and steep turns. But he’s also going to give the 29ers a go on his home trails.”

“Whereas Elliott [Heap] is sticking with the 27.5”. He’s not the tallest of riders and really enjoys the playfulness that comes with the smaller fit.”

Strapped onto the XA pro wheels are Michelin Wild Enduro front and rear tires.

Built to perform across more than 80% of Enduro terrains the Wild Enduro tires are versatile and offer superior braking and cornering grip.

Team Chain Reaction Cycles Mavic also have no qualms in churning through the mud this season. “For more demanding tracks like Colombia last year, we replace the rear tyre with a front for control,” says Nigel.

“Michelin Mud tires are the best out there, we definitely have an advantage.”