Experience the award-winning Evvo Snowshoe

Stationed at Ski resorts in Europe and Canada, Evvo is giving you the opportunity to test their award-winning Snowshoe. 

A Snowshoe which was created so people can feel secure on tricky terrain, turning Nordic Walking from a Summer sport to a year-round hobby.

Evvo Snowshoe

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Falling somewhere between hiking and cross-country skiing, Nordic Walking was once hailed as the skiers ‘summer sport’ due to a distinct lack of the white stuff, but has now become a sport in its own right. Taking elements from each discipline, delivering a new exercise. 

Using poles to propel yourself along, the body is able to fluidly walk. Which might sound easier than hiking, but in fact burns 50% more calories as the whole body is engaged.

Gill Stewart from Nordic Walking UK explains “Nordic Walking is a whole-body workout, using 90% of major muscles it’s brilliant for cardiovascular fitness, tone and posture. People are able to see results, fast.” 

With big claims for fitness and weight control, Nordic Walking communities are cropping up all over the globe.

Gill goes on to say “We’re seeing considerable growth in recent years, January saw double the take-up of two years ago. It’s the social aspect of the sport that draws people in as it’s group orientated.”


Introducing a new level to Nordic Walking. For those looking to take the sport back to its wintery beginnings, the Evvo Snowshoe is the perfect partner for winter movement. 

Bagging top industry awards including the coveted 2019 Observeur du Design label for its innovative design, Evvo has redesigned alpine adventure. 

The Evvo Snowshoe is a blend of patented premium technology, delivering supreme traction, grip and comfort across ice and snow thanks to an all-rubber sole by MICHELIN which uses a unique geometric design to ensure consistency across a variety of terrains. 

The foam and rubber combination of the sole helps reduce the noise generated by this type of gear to a minimum. You’ll be as peaceful as the surrounding environment. 

The components used in the Snowshoe exert flexibility, while specialist MATRYX technology offers enhanced comfort. The back-strap works to ensure a smooth, natural gait – providing a steady walk on uneven, and unpredictable ground. 

Now, Evvo is offering you and the whole family an exclusive trial of the Snowshoe. ‘Evvo days’ are popping up at popular resorts across Europe throughout the season, and with further-reaching destinations planned for 2020, it’s an unmissable opportunity to see what the fuss is all about.

Get to grips with Evvo’s unique technology here.


In the area on these dates? Visit Evvo and test out their Snowshoe. 



Jarrienne des Cimes: 24th, 25th and 26th Jan 2020

Mont Dores Y Cimes: 31st Jan, 1st and 2nd Feb 2020

Valmenier lors du Biathlon: 20th Feb 2020



Domaine Saint-Bernard: 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Feb 2020

Find out more information about Evvo activities here including Yoga and Evvo fit. The versatility of Snowshoe allows it to cover several winter activities. 

Evvo Snowshoe