Jump, sprint, turn, shoot.

In handball, explosive movements and sharp changes in direction need to come at the push of a button, and every player needs a shoe that suits their style.

With the Kempa WING LITE 2.0, you’ll be ready for anything.

Kempa is the specialist handball division of uhlsport and the preferred brand for top professionals like Xenia Smits.

For Xenia, after one season playing in the WING LITE 2.0, there’s no turning back. “I feel very firm in the shoe, and yet very light and agile,” she says.

But this is not a single-sport shoe. An impressive list of features make it ideal for any activity that demands power and agility.


Equipped with a sole created from a new MICHELIN rubber compound, the Kempa shoe offers the exceptional grip and durability you’ve come to expect.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Kempa has packed in so many features, it’s hard to believe we’re describing just one shoe:

  • The sole’s HONEYCOMB PROFILE guarantees grip in every direction of movement and enables explosive changes.
  • A specially incorporated PIVOT area, which has a smooth surface and circular shape, facilitates turning.
  • The TORSION GUIDE provides stable metatarsal support and promotes ergonomic movement, while the TORSION PLATE optimises power transmission.
  • Kempa’s HYPER GRIP design aids takeoff and landing with jumps and turns, with the built-in POWER CORE pad absorbing shocks to protect the joints.
  • And its SOFT FIT technology ensures high comfort with an elastic inner sock and microfibre tongue.


We recently featured German handball player Jannik Kohlbacher, who favours the ATTACK 2.0 because its “extreme grip” is ideal for sharp turns and powerful jumps.

But Xenia prefers the WING. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to help her stay dynamic on the court, and is part of the reason she’s established a reputation as the ultimate all-rounder.

Born in Belgium, Xenia is a member of the German national team. She spent five years with France’s Metz Handball, winning four national titles before returning to Germany and joining SG BBM Bietigheim in 2020.

Now, after winning the DHB Cup in her first season with her new team, she’s got her sights set on a league championship and, beyond that, national glory.

As one of the most fearsome, dynamic and charismatic players in the Bundesliga, she’s sure to play a crucial role in that mission. And she’ll retain that dynamism at the top of her game, thanks to the right footwear.

“Good grip is always important in handball, because of the fast movements,” Xenia explains. “Without the grip, it would be difficult to be dynamic.”

“It’s important to know the shoe doesn’t pinch or jam anywhere. I feel comfortable, you just slip in and play without any problems.”

The WING LITE 2.0 from Kempa is built for flexibility, and that’s what it delivers.

Lightweight, agile and grippy enough to let you move and perform at your best, whatever your sport.