Mammut’s ‘Summer Ready’ Hueco Low Knit

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.

Your feet can take the strain in the most trying times and navigate fields and marshland to mossy foothills, stony tracks, rocky inclines and forest floors.

But just as superheroes wear kevlar, the hiker’s foot requires added support and protection to withstand the many demands placed on it. Enter the Hueco Knit Low, the ‘summer ready’ release from Mammut and the latest addition to the Hueco family.

Mammut Hueco Low Knit

The reliable approach shoe

The Sunday Times experts have named the shoe in their top three women’s walking shoes shortlist. In fact, the Hueco Knit Low joins the long and growing list of acclaimed approach shoes from Mammut—and it’s given credit for being “as at home in the streets as they are the hills”.

Granted, the shoe is built to be rugged, but it does catch the eye too.


“[The Hueco Knit Low] could be mistaken for rock climbing slippers—or, with their breathable knitted upper and ultralight weight (24og per shoe), for socks,” writes the Times’ Kit List team. Hiking can be hot, sticky and unpredictable in the summer months. Gear buffs have been waiting for this kind of breakthrough in hiking footwear technology—innovative shoes can adapt, protect and support in warm weather.

Mammut have answered with the Hueco’s sock-like construction, which ensures breathability, flexibility and comfort.

Adding to that comfort, dampers absorb shock in the midsole to protect you on impact and power the foot forward. While the Michelin outsole uses an intelligent rubber blend and custom tread to deliver optimum traction in the dry, and the wet, time after time after time.

Summer ready

This Hueco model is quite literally built for the sunny season.

The “ultra-lightweight” and “mega-grippy” shoe also packs TPU heel stabiliser which gives stability and comfort on tightly packed, dusty and uneven terrain. And Mammut have included a robust rubber toe cap that guards against rogue obstacles on trails or rock faces.

Strobel construction provides additional cushioning where it’s needed, and the finishing touches to an innovative, versatile and 100% reliable hiking shoe.

It all adds up to a combination of strong and nimble features that gives you what you need to tackle approaches like a pro, even when temperatures soar.

Da Vinci recognised a masterpiece when he saw it.

Likewise, The Sunday Times’ Kit List knows the real deal when it sees it. And with the Hueco Knit Low you can become the master of your own adventures too.

Whether you’re criss-crossing the Alps, descending rocky ravines, traversing limestone crags, trekking along cliffs, navigating valleys, wandering through natural parks — hell, even cruising the tarmac, this provides absolute comfort and control.

Stay strong, safe and light on your feet this summer. Mammut’s Hueco Knit Low is available now in men’s and women’s styles.


Mammut Hueco Low Knit