The mountain bike tire that does everything (well, nearly)

Choosing the right tire for your bike is a big deal.

The serious buffs out there will hoard a small collection and change tires based on the terrain and weather forecast on the day. But there are also many part-time riders who rely on only one set, taking them through to near destruction before replacing them.

Whichever approach you take to tires, finding a long lasting set that can perform across a variety of conditions is going to make your life easier. Meet the Michelin Wild Enduro.


Two years in the making, these tires are built to perform across more than 80 percent of enduro terrain, and deliver unbeatable grip and stability. They do it all.

Trusted by pro riders Jerome Clementz, Adrien Dailly, and Enduro World Series champion Sam Hill, the Wild Enduro range has been developed by Michelin using specialist rubber compounds (inspired by their MotoGP tires) that keep the tires responsive.

The front tire comes in two options—the softer GUM-X3D compound and the racing focused MAGI-X compound. Each uses the same deep and chunky tread to deliver premium control, while the rear version takes a leaner, fast-rolling form to ensure riders maintain efficiency.

So, whether you’re slogging through damp forest trails, navigating dusty, rocky terrain or shredding loam like Sam, you’ll feel like you’ve made the right choice.

The Michelin Wild Enduro is available at Chain Reaction Cycles.