Five INSANE mountain biking videos you need to see

When it comes to the pros, anything is possible.

We’ve dug out some of the most jaw-dropping MTB videos to give you something to get excited about in your time away from the trails, and boy, are these worth watching. Enjoy.

Pierre-Edouard Ferry @ Red Bull Rampage

We kick off with what is a stomach-turning escapade from Pierre-Edouard Ferry.

Nerves of steel are an absolute necessity when taking on a track like this. Something Ferry appears to have in infinite supply. One slip or skid either side and he may well have lost control completely.

An effortless backflip at the midway point from makes the ride an even more remarkable one. He’s clearly happy with the run though, pulling out a firm double-fist pump at the end.

Brandon Semenuk’s one-shot masterpiece

This awesome video of Brandon Semenuk carving his way through some seriously green slopes, was filmed in a single continuous shot and subsequently broke the internet upon its release.

The Canadian freeride mountain biker is widely considered to be the best Slopestyler in the world. A 4-time winner of the Red Bull Joyride and 2008 Red Bull Rampage Champion – Semenuk’s run is slick. Every jump, every turn, every flip is smooth and considered. Not only is this a triumph for mountain biking cinematography, but also brilliantly showcases the British Columbia man’s class and prowess on a bike.

Leading with the totally apt slogan ‘Get lost in the moment’, it’s a great watch. Oh, and whoever decided to use Buffalo Springfield as the soundtrack is a genius!

Cam Zink shows off his playground

Next up is a wicked little mini-doc on Cam Zink. Follow the born and bred Nevadan as he tears up his home training spot ‘Geiger’ in this superb freestyle session.

Just one man and his dog, Cam gives us a masterclass. The 30 year-old, who set the world record for the longest backflip on a mountain bike back in 2014, weaves and cuts through Reno’s rocky, dusty terrain with ease. The Sierra Nevada landscape is pretty unreal too. Cam’s been pretty lucky to learn, practice and ply his trade here.

In the video we see him carve up the mountainside at insane speeds, hang some serious, no-handed air time and take on a daunting drop from one of Geiger’s many precipices. Impressive stuff.

Vincent Tupin’s Alaskan adventure

This epic sequence featuring French rider Vincent Tupin quite literally takes things to the next level.

Shot in the spectacular Alaskan wilderness, get ready to experience everything that puts the northwest US state up there as one of the most rugged and extreme mountain biking regions in the world. The video goes in hard from the start with a high-speed, heart in mouth tumble down the mountainside of one of Denali National Park’s giants.

Tupin’s no holds barred approach to mountain biking brings extra intensity to the shoot. From crazy slopes and expansive forest trails, to hair-raising crashes – it’s got us wondering how much flights to Alaska cost this time of year…

Jerome Clementz and the Mountain of Hell

Last but not least, it’s time to join Jerome Clementz at the 2016 edition of Mountain of Hell – a mountain biking enduro event that’s well-known for its fierce, demanding descents.

Clementz’ race starts on the somewhat infamous and deceivingly devilish glacier at Les Deux Alpes. Riders bundle towards their bikes on foot and frantically mount, before commencing on an adrenaline-packed ride that sees them reach speeds of up to 110km/h! This is mountain bike racing at it’s most stripped back. At one point a rider on the left flank slams into a bank of ice (1:42), and further on Clementz himself is briefly defeated as he takes the wrong line and clatters into some healthy-sized rocks (3:11).

Complete madness.