Conventional wisdom suggests cycling shoes should be stiff.

It’s all about efficient energy transfer – if the shoe is flexible, less force is going to make it from your foot to the pedal.

But conventional wisdom is there to be challenged.

Athletes in other sports have benefited from revolutions in comfort as knit constructions become the standard. A knitted upper provides breathability and better fit, but cyclists have had to settle for hybrid materials that retain the stiffness they need.

And that meant sacrificing comfort.

Until now.

DMT has ushered in a new generation of racing footwear that fits like a glove and its KM1 mountain biking shoe is leading the pack.

The brand’s unique knit upper revolutionises the fit and feel of cycling shoes. And by combining this with a MICHELIN outsole, DMT has ensured energy transfer is as efficient as ever.


Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. The KM1 is THE shoe of choice for the pros. And for good reason.

DMT worked with members of the DMT marathon racing team to create the shoe, refining the design so it would be as comfortable, light and breathable as possible.

And it paid off, with no less than Tiago Ferreira – a former Mountain Bike Marathon World Champion – describing the shoes as “the best place to put my feet”.

His teammate, Hans Becking, goes even further, saying: “Sometimes when I am racing, I forget that I am even wearing shoes!”

Infographic: A brief history of mountain trail biking

Thankfully, DMT achieved that comfort level without sacrificing trail traction.

The durable trail traction is largely down to a dual-layer carbon compound outsole featuring rubber lugs developed by MICHELIN. Based on the MICHELIN Latitude family of tires, themselves designed for robust performance on or off-road, the sole features:

  • A soft, flexible layer that provides independent suspension;
  • A second, more rigid layer to maintain traction and efficiency;
  • A sculptured toe area and rubber toe bumper for protection;
  • Abrasion-resistant coating on the toe cap.

The KM1 also comes equipped with a BOA system so it can be dialled to the perfect fit. Combined with the light, breathable knit construction that DMT has now applied to its entire collection, it makes the shoe ready for even the most demanding mountain bike races.

Conventional wisdom might say a cycling shoe needs to stay rigid, but the next generation is here, and it’s anything but stiff.