Nordica release the HF Elite with Soles by MICHELIN and take home gold, again

Introducing the HF Elite. A game-changing Ski boot from Nordica with Soles by MICHELIN. 

In January, the Nordica HF Elite won gold for ‘Best Alpine Ski Boot’ at ISPO 2020. 

But it’s not the first time the Nordica-Michelin partnership has struck gold. Rewind to 2017 when the brands picked up an award for their first joint venture together, the Strider Pro 130 DYN. 

With 200 years of innovation-led experience between the two brands, and taking over two years in development–the HF Elite is a direct response to consumer’s needs. 

Nordica’s customers asked for an easy entry boot which was equally easy to close, and the brand answered with a host of seriously cool technology.

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Nordica’s heritage spans 60 years, and with a strong record of quality innovation backing the brand, performance is their passion. 

HF stands for ‘Hands Free’, and this model is characterised by the 40-degree opening which means you can slip the boot on and off easily. The unique Monolock buckle system grants secure fastening, without using your hands. Shredding just got simpler. 

Nordica’s existing rear-entry boot has been given a modern twist by the development team, refreshed with a new shell and closure and allowing them to equip the boot with their beloved cork liner. 

As the liner is key for comfort, Nordica haven’t held back here either. Made from natural materials (recycled wine corks), the liner holds heat, is water-resistant and absorbs shock. Pretty impressive, as is the anatomical one-piece liner with a 35% larger throat opening than the traditional boot. 

It’s clear that performance underpins everything Nordica are doing. It’s ingrained in their DNA to facilitate ultimate performance without sacrificing comfort.


Nordica isn’t the only brand to restlessly innovate.

For over 130 years, Michelin has continually raised the bar when it comes to mobility. What started with tires has transformed into soles and other services that meet the changing needs of consumers. 

Having previously collaborated on the Strider and Promachine 98mm, Michelin and Nordica’s partnership was already sealed. But it was time for something new. 

Michelin’s knowledge of technical soles led them to design a custom-made sole with a wider surface area to enhance durability, and fit grooves to allow water and snow to slide away. In addition to Michelin soles, the HF Elite is armed with Nordica Gripwalk, an ergonomic technology which ensures safer and more natural transitions between the slopes and walking. 

The relationship between Nordica and Michelin has been built on a shared passion for designing technology to elevate those who experience it. Listening to consumer needs has become a key aspect of both brands’ development strategies. 


Towards the end of 2019 Nordica pre-released 2,000 pairs of the HF Elite ski boot. Unsurprisingly they sold out straight away, but are set for full release next season. 

The boot will be visible on the website following the full launch, but in the meantime check out the other HF range here.

Award-winning, game-changing–the HF Elite was designed as a direct response from Nordica to solve consumer problems. We wonder what problems they’ll tackle next…

Nordica HF Elite