What do the pros think about the Babolat Jet Mach II?

Babolat know a thing or two about tennis.

The inventor of tennis string became a total tennis manufacturer in 1994.

They’ve been the creators of some of the world’s most popular rackets and on-court gear over the past two decades, and continue to pack out professional kit bags from Melbourne to Miami.


Babolat’s Jet Mach II shoes are part of a new generation of lightweight tennis footwear.

The demand for cross-surface agility and stability is massive. You only have to watch 10 minutes of an ATP match to see how the top players fly around the court.

Now Babolat’s latest version of the Jet brings together innovative features to give players what the game demands. Total confidence and first-rate performance, every time.     

We got up close and personal with the Jet Mach II, and asked pro tennis players Fabio Fognini, Ryan Harrison, Federico Delbonis and Evgeny Donskoy to tell us what they think about Babolat’s latest installment in the Jet Mach series…


It’s immediately obvious how effortlessly lightweight these shoes are.

And top 100 ATP tour pro Federico Delbonis agrees…

“There were two things I felt when I first tried the Mach IIs. First was the comfort factor—it felt like I had been wearing them for years, not just taken them fresh out of the box. Second was the lightness, it almost feels like you have nothing on your feet at all.”

The Jet Mach II is 10 grams lighter than its predecessor.

The reduction in weight comes from Babolat combining two familiar features from the Jet Mach I—the external counter and the shank—into just one piece of intuitive plastic that serves both purposes.

“Wearing the Mach II, I can move faster and make quicker cuts”, says world #83, Evgeny Donskoy. “I don’t have to think about the movement, I just go. It’s because of this I have become faster across the court.”

Babolat has reinforced the Jet Mach II on the areas that experience the most abrasion.

The shoe provides much needed support through its integrated Stability Cage technology, and combines rigid polyester fibers with the woven Matryx® outer for added stiffness in the shoe. This helps to stabilize the foot when pushing off at speed.

Babolat also focused on the shoe’s cushioning system, aka KPRS X – which is an updated version of the Kompressor system from the original Jet Mach.

The logic behind the design is simple, but effective.

When the heel is impacted during specific tennis movements it’s not flat. It actually hits the ground at around a 30 degree angle.


Babolat has pulled the cushioning from the front of the shoe further back into the sole to combat this. It means players can benefit earlier from the cushioning system, they do not have to flatten their foot to feel the support and are generally more protected against repetitive impacts.

The Jet Mach II are also fitted with exclusive Michelin soles that deliver durability, adaptability, and traction that rivals the top high-performance shoes on the market. Meticulously engineered and loaded with technology, they represent Michelin’s expertise and innovative thinking in physical form.

And they perform relentlessly.

The Mach II comes with four types of soles available—all court, clay, grass, and synthetic surfaces—so you can be sure you’re using the right shoe for the tennis court you’re playing.  


So what’s it REALLY like to play in these shoes? It’s one thing talking about them. But wearing them week-in week-out on the world stage is something else entirely.

“After rackets, shoes are the most important tool for tennis players,” says Davis Cup semi finalist Ryan Harrison. “The Jet Mach IIs are incredible. I can move easily without worrying about anything. The Michelin sole gives me that extra confidence. It’s light and strong at the same time. I wish I’d had these shoes my whole career!”

Brasil Open champion Fabio Fognini praises the stability of the shoes…

“Babolat cut the bulk that you usually get with tennis shoes. You can feel there’s enhanced traction and the stability technology helps greatly with balance during intense matches.”

Find out more about the Babolat Jet Mach IIs here.

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