Should you go hit the snow in spring?

Someone once said “Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical”.

They weren’t wrong. Ski and snowboard resorts are magical places to be and, let’s face it, way more exciting than a beach holiday.

Planning your next trip is an exciting time, but there’s a hell of a lot to consider – and when to go is just about the biggest decision you’ll make. It’ll dictate where you go, and shape your whole experience.

Peak season is the obvious choice. But what about spring-time?

Late-season definitely has its advantages.


Yeah, yeah, sounds great – but we’ve all heard the horror stories. People who’ve booked their beautiful late-season holiday, only to turn up to an abundance of slush and not enough snowfall.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all about après ski. However we know that not being able to get out onto slopes at all is more than a little frustrating. You can see why many people avoid late-season. Seems like risky business.

Why make a leap of faith when you can just book your trip 6 weeks earlier? No-one’s stopping you. All we’re saying is don’t write off a spring-time ski trip, just yet.

The secret to late-season success? You just need to know where to go.


Reliable snowfall can be found across Europe and the US as late as April.

It’s all in the altitude. The higher, the better.

Monster Alpine resorts, such as Val Thorens in France – with slopes as high as 2,300m – are perfect for this time of year, with consistent snowfall throughout.

Other European spots that fit the bill include the Swiss resort of Zermatt (where you’ll find the palatial presence of the Matterhorn), Austria’s Mayrhofen and Livigno in Italy.

Across the Atlantic, take your pick of resorts like Mammoth Mountain in California, Oregon’s famous Timberline Lodge or Telluride, Colorado.

Have we convinced you yet?

Not yet? Okay, let’s look at the pros of booking a late-season trip…

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Ready to take the plunge and book a holiday on the slopes? You’re going to want to weigh up your options and find the best deal – especially if you’re on a budget.

There’s no two ways about it. Late-season skiing is cheaper.

Costs escalate during peak season, which generally means anywhere between the turn of the new year and the end of February.

If you’re prepared to shop around, late-season holidays can cost anywhere between 25% and 50% less than a peak season trip. Keep your eye out for last-minute deals and you could save yourself even more.


Ever hit the pistes during the busier parts of the year? Then you’ll know how congested they can get. New to it all? We get it, a crowded slope can be intimidating.

Either way, now’s your chance to avoid the rush.

Booking a late-season break means quieter slopes and more freedom to roam uninterrupted, without unwanted hazards or distractions. If you like the sound of a more chilled version of your average ski holiday, March-April is the perfect time to go.


Spring-time means more daylight and plenty of sunshine, especially after the clocks change at the end of March. That means extra time on the slopes during the day, and more enjoyable conditions in the evenings.

What more could you want?  

This is great news for families too.

If you’re thinking about taking your clan away, why not look into booking during the Easter holidays? Running through the first two weeks of April, this downtime period for schools sees around 13 hours of sunlight per day and safer conditions for children.


After something a little more lively? There’s also some really great winter sports and music festivals that take place up in the mountains at this time of year.

We’re not exaggerating either. You’re spoilt for choice, with massive events like Air + Style, Snowboxx and Snowbombing all happening over late-season.

(Photo: Jenna Foxton)


By no means are we knocking peak season. Absolutely not. It’s called peak season for a reason.

But if you’re looking for an alternative, why not give late-season a go?

Longer days, less crowds and lower prices – all with the same broad selection of destinations and resorts?

Sounds like a winner to us.

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