Striking innovation: Michelin and Ecco partnership breaks new ground

Footwear giant Ecco have partnered with Michelin to bring you the next step in sustainable high performance footwear.

Ecco’s ‘foot-first’ approach and firm dedication to innovation and functionality opens up a whole new world for outdoor adventurers. Specialist technology delivers super-strong, lightweight footwear built on more than fifty years of exploration. 



The all-new Exostrike is the first outdoor Ecco shoe to feature high-traction, high-durability technical soles developed by the experts at Michelin. The collaboration combines the heritage, know-how and shared values of the two brands to create an enhanced adaptation of the popular shoe for the next generation of performance hikers. 

Already known for its futuristic look and feel, the Exostrike has consistently scooped industry footwear awards for it’s rugged look and superior functionality. 

With an upper constructed from Dyneema®, ‘the world’s strongest fiber’, the shoe proves that substance and style can work in harmony. Now, with the addition of an exclusive Michelin technical sole that offers improved stability, flexibility and grip, the final element is in place for this complete hiking shoe, with an edge.

“We want to achieve unrivalled wear resistance, flexibility, adherence & adaptability,” says Trond Sonnergren, Head of Innovation at JVI for MICHELIN Soles. “These are the qualities that turn a good outsole, into an unbeatable one.”

Research and development teams at both companies worked tirelessly in close collaboration to refine each element of the Exostrike before unveiling the final cutting-edge design. A perfectly balanced shoe, equally weighted between durable and lightweight. 

Infused with innovative technology, while paying tribute to traditional Scandivanion style – its unique design is minimalistic and effective across a variety of tough terrains. 

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Innovation and sustainability are the future of outdoor footwear. 

Spanning generations, Michelin’s appetite for breaking new ground has never subsided. This ethos and driving force is now transforming the way we look at footwear. Inspired by tires, technical soles are developed using specialist rubber compounds, while exclusive tread sculpture designs are shaped to provide complete and adaptable performance.

Learn more about Michelin’s story here. 

For Ecco, redefining performance is the cornerstone of its footwear and the backbone of Lab Ecco, its innovation centre and the hub for latest project, QUANT-U

The Danish brand recognises that no two feet are the same. On a mission to meet the unique needs of each wearer, it uses machine learning and structural simulations to produce and customise that work for you


Ecco and Michelin share a passion for sustainability that is being realised through the production of high efficiency, environmentally friendly products. 

Michelin’s company-wide approach to environmental responsibility touches everything from tires through to technical soles and broader automotive products. 

 Since 1992, five generations of car tires have launched, each with superior energy efficiency than the last. Extensive research across the whole Michelin group has also promoted relentless development of longer-lasting materials, which ultimately lead to a reduction in rubber and synthetic product consumption throughout global operations. 

Ecco have surpassed standard protocol in reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain. Producing leather in their own tanneries has enabled 80% less water usage and closes the supplier gaps. The end result? Leather that’s super-soft and exceptionally durable.

The senior management team is dedicated to embedding sustainability into the company culture, employees worldwide are actively encouraged to reduce energy consumption through simplifying and optimising internal processes.


“Ecco aims to be a leader within the environment, health and safety and supports sustainable development.”


The Ecco Exostrike is available now.