The skater’s skate shoe: etnies upgrades the Marana and Veer with Soles by MICHELIN

Tough just got … better looking. 

When etnies teamed up with Michelin to recreate the Marana, the result took the skating world by storm. “Tough just got tougher” was the tagline as the iconic brands combined forces to create the most durable skate shoe on the market.

The Veer soon followed, offering skaters a slimmer, streamlined option with the same toughness and durability.

Now, in honour of this groundbreaking collaboration, etnies has released both shoes in stunning limited-edition MICHELIN colour schemes.


Michelin’s collaboration with etnies began when the original Marana, popular though it was, needed an upgrade. Skaters loved the support and flexibility of the Marana, and the toughness of its upper became the stuff of legend.

Unfortunately, the outsole couldn’t keep up. Enter MICHELIN.

The improved Marana now boasts an outsole inspired by the MICHELIN PC00 rally tyre for maximum durability and performance. 

Rick Marmolijo, Director of Footwear Design for etnies, explains the quality of Michelin’s rubber made the partnership a natural fit.

“In skateboarding, if you want to make the rubber last longer, traditionally you make the rubber a lot harder,” he says. “That actually makes it a lot more slippery, it doesn’t flex as well. But the rubber that Michelin uses maintains its grip as well as being very durable.”


The strength of the upper comes from a fused-on, injected rubber toe cap. A padded tongue and collar with hidden lace loops provide maximum comfort, along with a Pro Foam 1 insole.

And all-important impact resistance comes from an STI Evolution foam midsole.

Board feel was at the heart of development of the outsole’s tread design, which began with a functional analysis of high-performance tyres. The flex lines of the MICHELIN PC00 were replicated in the tread, with a traditional herringbone also incorporated to maximise control.

The innovative approach was refined through lab and field tests that identified exactly where the limits would be pushed in real-world use.

The result is a durable sole that lasts three times longer than before. 

Pro skater Ryan Sheckler says the new sole adds more structure to an already impressive piece of footwear. “It’s a skater’s skate shoe. It’s tried and true.”


Following in the footsteps of the Marana, the Veer boasts a slim, streamlined silhouette that blends with the padded tongue and collar lining to create a perfectly snug and secure fit.

The same premium MICHELIN rubber outsole provides superior grip and enhanced durability, which is complemented by an EVA midsole for cushioning and impact absorption. Light and agile, it’s designed to satisfy any type of skater.

The limited-edition MICHELIN colour scheme has been applied to both the Marana and the Veer. It’s a fitting celebration of one of the most important skate shoe collaborations of the last decade, but don’t hang around – only a finite number of pairs in each colour have been produced. 

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