Training for the trail: Run 10K in the wild

Running is running. But it’s where you run that makes all the difference.

Many of us have spent hours pounding the pavements in our time. Treading tarmac and treadmills, checking our watches and monitoring heartbeats.

But step off man-made terrain for just a moment and you’ll find a new world at your door.

There’s something pure about going off-road and into the wilderness.

But trail running also asks a lot of you.

Grass, woodland, sand, foothills and peaks — it’ll push you harder and take you all over.

Which is why understanding the demanding nature of the trails, preparing yourself and being patient and realistic about your ability are top priorities.

And the reason we’ve created this Training for the Trail guide to help you run your first 10K…

>>>Click here to download your 12-week training plan<<<

You might follow this guide by the letter, or simply use it as inspiration for your own training plan.

We know that every runner is different, with different needs and capabilities.

There’s no need to burn yourself out early or risk avoidable injuries. So be sure to stay safe on the trail, respect what your body is telling you and run at your own pace.  

Most important of all? Enjoy it, soak it all in and embrace the outdoors!

Because after all, isn’t that what it’s all about!?

Complete with running tips, nutritional advice and downtime and recovery suggestions, Training for the Trail is the perfect sidekick to help you achieve your goals.

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