Unstoppable: Etnies release Joslin Pro

“I skate my shoes until there’s nothing left,” says Chris Joslin.

The Etnies Joslin Pro skate shoes are billed as unstoppable. They’re built to take hard knocks, rough scrapes and heavy landings, and outlast any other shoe out there right now.

Durability was always a top priority for Chris. “Something that’s held me back in learning tricks is having to break in new shoes. So I feel like if I can wear the same pair of shoes for a long time that’s going to benefit my skateboarding.”

“From the inside out, this shoe lasts and that’s what I love!”

This is his first pro shoe, and in the Etnies FOUNDATION video we see exactly why he’s earned it. It’s been a labour of love and a project Chris has been involved in from the beginning.

The Joslin Pro is “packed full of stealth technology including every component he wanted in an ideal skate”. The shoe is bolstered with a hidden toe cap and uses a foam midsole for added impact resistance when it’s needed most.

Following up on the Michelin Marana, Etnies have again teamed up with Michelin to create a long-lasting outsole that provides “unmatched durability, precision, enhanced adherence and maximum flexibility for superior board feel.”

Everything that’s gone into the shoe has Chris’ stamp of approval on it. They’re not only durable, but also ridiculously fun to skate. It’s his passion after all, and there was always been an understanding that the Joslin Pro needed to tell that story.

“The flick on this shoe just makes me feel like a kid again with kickflips.”

WATCH Chris Joslin’s UNSTOPPABLE Part: