[WATCH] Riding harrowing edges

Brave, fearless, crazy. Whatever you want to call these riders – they’ve got nerves of steel.

These adrenaline seekers are always on the hunt for the next death-defying feat, and these hair-raising edges take serious trust in self-ability, and the brakes…

Prepare for sweaty palms just watching these videos.

Sedona Whiteline Trail, Arizona

(Skills with Phil – 380,482 views)

Former professional downhill rider Phil Kmetz shows some serious skill in this video.  Fewer people have ridden the Sedona Whiteline than have climbed Mount Everest and for good reason…

Reflecting on the feat, Phil claims, “It’s far from the most technical mountain bike trails in the world”. But it’s by far one of the most unnerving.

Moab, Utah

(Trail Peek – 503,073 views)

Taking to the Portal Trail in the barren landscape of Moab, the Trail Peek riders brave loose rock and scathing cliffs in a toe-curling descent. All this followed by a patch of arduous riding through the jagged red rocks.

Jump to 02:30 to get a feel for the sheer drop that faces riders on this trail…

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Madeira, Portugal 

(Kilian Bron – 19,925 views)

Kilian Bron shreds the coastal cliff trails in Madeira. Lush greenery and Atlantic views mark some truly superb footage caught by the French rider. On a trail playing host to sharp turns and a steep left-side drop into the ocean, there’s almost no time for riders to appreciate the spectacular view.

Karnali River, Far West Nepal 

(Tour de Great Himalaya – 11,427 views)

Heading over to the Himalayas for some epic riding over the Karnali river, this short video follows two riders on a trail above the Karnali River. Although it might look smooth and relatively wide, there’s a couple of tricky points to navigate with loose rocks and a sharp drop on the left making a gnarly descent. This group of Nepalese riders take the sport seriously, dedicating time promote the Great Nepal Trail and scaling 150 countries on bikes.

Snowdonia, Wales 

(BKXC – 854,228 views)

The experienced riders from BKXC hopped across the pond to sample the Welsh trails. Taking on a heavy ascent through the striking Snowdonia National Park, reaching Snowdon’s peak at 08:10.

The riders saddle up and take on the bumpy descent, squeezing the brakes all the way down. Who smells burning?

If this collection of hairy rides has whet your appetite for the real thing, make sure you plan your trip carefully and take a buddy. Most importantly, let the air out of your tires, stiffen the suspension, and don’t look down.


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