Introducing the Salewa Lite Train K

Trekkers, speed hikers and climbers rejoice. The Lite Train has returned on a mission to make the mountains more accessible than ever before. Salewa’s latest upgrade, to what has become one of their cardinal footwear models, brings a new energy to an already complete, lightweight and all-round responsive design.

Born from the purest peaks of the Dolomites and honed through precision German engineering, Salewa’s products have a reputation for style, performance and quality. More than eighty years of alpine design doesn’t lie. The Lite Train K is the embodiment of their vision and brings in exclusive rubber and tread technology from MICHELIN to help raise the bar in mountain training footwear once again…



Weighing in at just 267g the Lite Train K is among the lightest footwear Salewa has ever produced. “Mountains and hiking trails can throw lots of different challenges at you,” says Salewa athlete and professional paraglider, Aaron Durogati. “I often need to take on different types of training for different kinds of races, so when looking for training shoes the first thing I ask is: ‘Are they lightweight and responsive?’”

In its development, the shoe was put through to some big tests on the toughest terrain and it came out unscathed. The vegan-friendly materials don’t compromise on durability and comfort. The ergonomic design boasts 3F flexibility to hug your foot, while advanced cushioning helps to eliminate excessive pressure on the knees and ankles.

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The Lite Train K’s flat-lying tongue does it’s job without imposing on movement.

Providing arch support and blister resistance, the 3F Total System gives added support to the midfoot by spanning to the lacing area for a precise fit.

Padded ankle collars reduce risk of irritation, and maximise stability and comfort. It’s also equipped with a support system and cushioning under the heel made for extreme impacts on harder surfaces. And with a sophisticated EVA towards the bottom of the sole, unwanted shock and discomfort become a distant memory.


The Lite Train K’s upper is made up of a synthetic mesh which delivers exceptional moisture control, no matter what the climate. The innovative mesh allows for unabated air flow throughout the shoe, meaning supreme breathability and dryness.

For extra protection around the forefoot a rubber toe bumper has also been added, resulting in a shoe that’s as aggressive as it is nimble.

A minimal seamless upper complete with overlays, gives the wearer protection against the elements, with a unique easy drain system for when you really come up against it. Packed with moisture wicking technology and reinforced with an ortholite footbed for good measure, the Lite Train banishes moisture faster than it appears.


Perfect traction for rapid hiking and trail running, Salewa’s latest edition in the Lite Train series is powered from the ground up with exclusive Michelin technology.

The outsole, inspired by the Wild Grip’R mountain bike tire, is engineered to outlast anything that’s gone before it, calling on Michelin’s expertise in off-road traction and control. It’s Outdoor Compound is sculpted in a clever cutout design that provides optimal adaptability and control across various ground conditions.

“What really stands out for me is the grip the outsoles offer me,” Aaron tells us. “You get exceptional adherence on both muddy terrains and wet grass. The focus on core performance of this shoe is what separates it from other mountain training shoes.”


Salewa continue to reinvent alpine trekking and in the Lite Train K they’ve given birth to mountain footwear that epitomises that innovation. Speed in the skies relies on a nimble and switched on design that’s also sturdy enough to withstand unforgiving terrain over time.

It seems that is Salewa’s forte.

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