Train hard at home: 5 indoor workouts to get your blood pumping

Athletes of all grades may have halted progression due to the virus outbreak. 

While it’s important to stay at home and keep yourself and others safe. It doesn’t mean training has to stop, it just needs rethinking. 

Video workout gurus, we salute you. Encouraging athletes everywhere to excel in their sport, from the comfort of their home.

Through the chaos, you’ve helped restore some stability. 

Whatever your discipline, we’ve handpicked the home workout videos below for those who don’t want to press pause on their progress. 

Train hard and stay at home. 


Great for: those finding it difficult to train, but want to smash PB’s. 

The Running Channel’ brings us a 20 minutes bodyweight workout. Ideal for those who can’t get out right now, and for those looking to improve running stamina. The workout doesn’t require excess space or any special equipment. 

Coaches Andy and Anna talk through each exercise while offering useful tips on how it improves running performance. 

Each exercise is clearly labelled and with a count-down clock running you can easily follow along at home. Rest breaks included.



Great for: those who can’t get to the gym.

Daniel from The Fitness Blender talks through an upper body strength workout, with no equipment needed. 

A warm-up and a cool-down aren’t included so make sure you stretch out before and after the workout. It’s quick and intense, but it’ll provide results. 

Rest and prep time are included in the workouts, along with the estimated calorie burn.


Great for: MTB riders who want to improve their performance off bike.

Fit4Racing is a dedicated program to help MTB riders improve their game through purposeful strength and conditioning off the bike. Their ethos – better in the gym, better on the bike. 

Kicking off with strength training for the legs and hips, Jonny then moves onto a full-body HIIT session and some core work to finish.


Great for: cardio lovers who want a full-body workout.

SELF serves up the ultimate all-round cardio workout. 

  • 30 minutes
  • No equipment needed
  • Warm-up included
  • Simple and easy to follow

The exercises are clearly timed, with coaches talking you through the correct form and how to maximise effort.

Expect to sweat. 


Great for: those looking to up their yoga and stretching game.

Stretching and flexibility get sidelined from time to time. Practising these exercises can actually hold the key for great strength improvement. 

Tom Merrick (Bodyweight Warrior) talks through a full-body flexibility routine. Ideal for any level of flexibility, and as it’s only 15 minutes long it’s super easy to fit into any schedule.

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean training has to suffer. Utilise the time to strengthen certain techniques, and practice skills that will boost performance in the long-term. 

Now is the time to stay indoors and on top of your sport. Train harder, push further, and smash your PB’s.

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