5 books all trail runners can benefit from

Let’s face it, everyone needs to put their feet up now and again.

And there aren’t many better down time companions than a good book.

This one’s is for all the trail runners who – when not in the great outdoors – are thinking about the trail, talking about the trail and reading about the trail. Here’s 5 books every trail runner needs on their shelf…  

1. The Trail Runner’s Companion

Author: Sarah Lavender Smith

This book is hot off the press and there’s plenty of reason to be excited about it!

On her own blog The Runner’s Trip, Sarah Lavender Smith dwells on her work and explains what sets The Trail Runner’s Companion apart…

The book explores the “why” as well as the “how” of becoming a trail runner and graduating to ultras. It goes beyond showing how to achieve better trail-running performance. It’s full of stories—mine and others’. It’s full of beautiful photographs. It’s for all runners—male and female, rookie and seasoned.

This is a great little handbook for anyone looking for a read that dwells on the raw human side of trail running, emotional trail tales and snapshots that’ll have you itching to get outdoors.

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2. The Ultra Mindset

Author: Travis Macy

“They say life is a marathon, but Travis Macy knows better: Life is an ‘ultradistance event.’ In his wise and engrossing book, Macy shows how the same ‘ultra mindset’ that enabled him to win some of the world’s toughest races can make anyone a winner in everyday life.” – Matt Fitzgerald

A journey of trails, tribulations, elation, serenity and incredible achievements – living the ultra is no walk in the park, but it’s rewarding – that’s for sure.

This award winning adventure into the deepest crooks of Travis Macey’s mind will awaken you to your own potential.

Get stuck into The Ultra Mindset to uncover a sense of clarity and direction you never knew you had. One that will take you further. One that will translate into everything you do both on and off the trail.

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3. Trailhead 

Author: Lisa Jhung

There’s no doubt that seasoned endurance athlete Lisa Jhung knows a thing or two about trail running. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s also a brilliant writer!

“Trailhead is a smart, entertaining read as well as a thorough resource for everyone from aspiring trail runners to those looking to get the most out of every trail run, whether in a city park or on a mountain adventure.” – velopress

This is a go-to read that explores everything from the bare bones body and mind benefits of trail running, choosing the gear, trails and training prep, to staying safe, trail etiquette and at-home exercise.

It’s a one-stop shop for anyone searching for the A-Z of the sport. Definitely one for beginners, but also not one to be sniffed at by experienced runners – Jhung’s words are inspiring, thoughtful and full of heart!

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4. Born to Run

Author: Christopher McDougall

“I’d be surprised if there’s a better book about the sport, spirit and science of endurance running” — David Fleming, ESPN

When we looked at the culture of camaraderie in trail running, we touched on our human origins as nomadic, long distance hunters. Only in the last half a century is it that running has been seen associated with pain and injury.

Born to Run explores our ancestral past as endurance runners, journeys to Mexico’s Copper Canyons for a unique insight into the lives of the ultra-running Tarahumara Indians – unlocking their secrets as McDougall trains for a 50 mile race across one the world’s most volatile landscapes


“It is a beautiful story and a superb synthesis of the science. It is about time that as a society we examined how it is that we have got to the point where it is considered unnatural to run.” —Dr. Craig Richards, PhD

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5. GO!: An Inspirational Guide to Getting Outside and Challenging Yourself  

Author: Tobias Mews

Renowned adventure athlete, journalist and filmmaker Tobias Mews knows a thing or two about endurance. His pursuit of new extremes – which has taken him from jungles to deserts and back again – is well documented and his achievements are many.

Taking his experience and putting it down on the page, Mews offers invaluable guidance on getting the most out of yourself, building challenges and smashing your goals.

With personal stories, training tips and the type of advice that could only come from someone who’s been there and done it, GO! is seriously compelling and one that’s hard to put down. A perfect starter pack for any budding ultra-athlete looking to break out of their comfort zone and take on adventures that would seem impossible to others.

Escape, explore and experience new highs!

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